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Legal Services / Forensic Graphology / Issuing an Opinion for the Courts

Zamir Graphologists has over thirty years experience in graphology in Israel. Our office currently serves hundreds of businesses and companies, and an integral part of our clientele includes law firms and private investigations that constantly use our legal services.

Zamir Graphologists are authorized by the courts in Israel and issue opinions as well as provide expert testimony.

Services we provide in this field:

  • Comparison of documents, handwriting and signatures to test for forgery - and issuing expert testimony in court.
  • Opinions are issued in legal form in accordance with the court-approved standard.
  • Comparison of graffiti writing and threatening letters.
  • Integrity and reliability test for new employees - evaluation of signs of dishonesty in handwriting samples.
  • Integrity and reliability testing for current employees - evaluation of signs of dishonesty in handwriting samples.
  • Integrity and reliability testing for employees suspected of stealing or committing an offense.
  • Evaluation of candidates for jobs: investigators - lawyers - and specialists.

Procedure for preparing an opinion for the courts:

  1. Personal meeting between the customer or lawyer with the graphologist for an initial document analysis and to reach a decision regarding continued handling.
  2. Writing a detailed opinion for the court.
  3. If necessary, to provide expert testimony in court, which will be given by graphologist Zamir Sivan, who is an expert, to compare the handwriting and signature, and CEO of Zamir Graphologists.

Legal services outside Israel will incur travel expenses as well as interpreter expenses.

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